Introduction to Adventurous Horizons

Why work with an AAP? - Safety & experience

Adventurous Horizons Ltd is an Approved Activity Provider for The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Their audit process ensures that our programmes provide the participants with the best possible staff, training, equipment and safety supervision systems.

But what are the benefits of working with us?

Reducing risks & stress

To give your teams the best chance of a safe, enjoyable and sucessful final expedition, it is imperative that participants are properly equipped, attend quality training events run by professional staff, and that supervision and safety systems are in place.

Providing this for numerous teams would be a huge responsibility for a school as they usually lack the number of staff, technical background, equipment and insurance required. It is much safer for all to employ specialist providers (AAP).


  • Administration support for the school DofE manager.

  • We book and pay for campsites, plan and risk assess routes, and have a supervision plan for the remote supervision of teams.

  • Over a decade of experience providing excellent expeditions throughout the UK.

  • Flexibility – we support as much or as little of the programme as you want us to.

  • Highest standards with competitive pricing.

  • Well qualified, highly proficient instructors.

  • Modern, high performing outdoor equipment.

  • Can handle the smallest or largest groups (2 to 20 teams)

  • Use GPS trackers and emergency phones for all events.


improving outcomes through our Educational ethos:

  • One trainer per team.

  • One map & compass between two participants.

  • Staff with an ethos of empathy and education and who work hard to inspire teams towards successful outcomes.

  • Emphasis on personal development and teamwork development rather than just on expedition skills.

  • Provision of support packs and videos for participants and parents.


Why work with Adventurous Horizons?

Expeditions can be'......

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How do we train teams to be safe and independent?

Come with us behind the scenes to see how the staff train and assess teams.

See what the teams experience and what they say about their experiences...