Open expeditions for individuals

Open Expeditions for individuals

If you can't make the expedition dates of your school, you can join one of our Open Programmes instead - perfect for individuals and small groups.


We run a series of  walking expeditions that are open to all and take place throughout the DofE expedition season.  All open programmes are comprehensive and designed to bring together like-minded individuals. Our instructors are experienced in welcoming you as individuals and mentoring you and your new team mates to expedition success.


Open DofE Expedition programmes include:

  • Training / Refresher

  • Practice Expedition

  • Qualifying Expedition

A number of the DofE’s 20 Conditions for Expeditions state that participants need to complete a period of training followed by a Practice and then a Qualifying Expedition. You can choose to take part in one of these elements with us, or both, the choice is yours. Many participants choose to join us for their full expedition experience and along the way gain a group of long lasting friends who've shared in the experience with them.

Our comprehensive expedition programmes are ideal for making the expedition process challenging and as enjoyable as possible. Friendly and expertly trained instructors are always available to help and guide you through the process.

Contact us to discuss your needs

To enable us to provide you or your group with a bespoke Open Expedition programme you will need to email us, or give us a call, so that we can discuss your situation and needs.

Joining an Open Expedition programme may mean coming away on your own and this can be a scary prospect. This is why we want to make the process as enjoyable and as easy as possible. As soon as your place is booked you'll receive an email with all of your joining instructions along with a helpful booklets.


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